Our Story

In 1955 the Mission Development Certificate Program was born into the
Presbyterian Church. But little did the Board of Trustees know when they began the Mission Development Certificate and Loan Program that their planning and stewardship would have such a profound and reaching effect on the growth of churches and mission in the Northwest.

The Trustees realized that the word of God was rapidly spreading throughout the Northwest and that expansion of the Presbyterian Church meant growth in many ways. Growth meant expansion of the
existing churches as well as the creation of new churches where none had existed before.

Today, 60 years later, the Mission Development Certificate and Loan Program has approved loans totaling more than $50 million dollars.

As Presbyterians we have an opportunity to support the churches in our Synod family who are still growing by purchasing Mission Development Certificates. By purchasing Mission Development Certificates, the Presbyterian community shows their faith and support of our entire family and ultimately contributes to the mission which began 60 years ago.

Join the nearly 800 participating Presbyterians who own Mission Development Certificates.

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