''A Church in Mission''

Colbert Presbyterian Church has come a long way in a very short time, and MDC has been able to walk alongside them as they grow in mission and ministry. Chartered in 1998, the original church members first gathered at Mt. Spokane High School. Within a few years, they procured a loan and property on which to build, and in 2001, they moved into their new church building, the “Genesis Center.”

As part of the church’s master development plan, the Christian education wing was completed in 2004 adding much needed classroom space for this growing church located within the bounds of Inland Northwest Presbytery.

With the help of an additional MDC loan, in 2009 Colbert added another building to their grounds to house the New Hope Resource Center. The New Hope Resource Center is a non-profit organization that provides basic human needs to the poor and elderly in North Spokane County. This vital ministry is supported by local churches and provides clothing, food, various services, and sponsor activities throughout the year.

In 2022, Colbert began the third and last phase of their building project with the construction of another new building which will be the home of The Gathering Place. MDC is delighted to walk alongside the church for each phase of their building needs.

Visit their website to find out more about the mission and ministry at Colbert Presbyterian Church.

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