Presbyterians Make a New Home in Shelton, WA

“Everyone knows that a church is not the building, it’s the people. Nonetheless, a building is a wonderful tool for a church to have. For ten years our New Church Development (NDC) in Shelton, WA met without our own facility. Having our own facility has greatly benefited our congregation’s mission. We have been able to expand our ministry to our community, offering new activities for youth, outreach ministries, and music programs.

When we first decided to build, the banks we spoke to in our community were not too excited about taking our business. In contrast, we found the people of the Mission Development Certificate Program to be excited about our church, and more than willing to work with us to help finance our project.

We were able to build in Shelton, because Presbyterians around the Synod were willing to invest in us through the Mission Development Certificate Program. For that, we will be forever grateful.”

— Pastor Jeff Bursch, Shelton Presbyterian Church

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